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Trade Balance


During May, exports from Mexico increased by 125.2% compared to the previous year, which was the net result of an increase of 124.5% in non-oil exports and of 137.9% rise in oil exports. Exports to the United Statesincreased 124.6% at an annual rate and those channeled to the rest of the world increased 124%.


Commercial Companies Indicators


From a monthly perspective and with seasonally adjusted figures, the annual variation is as follows:

*Real income from the supply of goods and services of commercial companies

o Retail, 29.7%

o Wholesale, 26.6%


National Occupation Survey


According to the survey, April registered an increase of 11.6 million people in the Economically Active Population, going from 43.3 million to 54.9 million. The unemployment rate increased to 4.0% for the month of May (4.7% in April).


Survey of International Travelers


According to the data published by INEGI, 4,185,067 visitors entered the country during April (2,228,723 in April 2020) of which 2,325,824 were international (777,152 in April 2020). Compared to data from the previous year, the number of international tourists that entered the country increased 199.3%


Consumer Confidence Index